By Cheryl Elias

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A memorial tribute to one of the heroes portrayed in the popular World War II mini-series “Band of Brothers,” South Philly born and bred, “Wild Bill Guarnere,” will take place this Tuesday, April 29 at the Kimmel Center.

Guarnere passed away in March at the age of 90 and he was one of a kind.

He was once quoted saying, “I found out my brother was killed in Italy about a week before. And when I landed on D-Day you didn’t want to be a German. I killed every (expletive) budda bing bom, bum, bum, I was a madman. That’s why they nicknamed me Wild Bill.”

Wild Bill’s granddaughter Debi Rafferty reflects on his unique spirit, “If you called his home he answered his phone YOWSA! It was always YOWSA. And he would also follow it by ‘ how ya doin’ shweetheart.”

He came home from the war without a leg and devoted much of his adult life to the support of other wounded warriors.

Now it’s time to keep Wild Bill’s memory alive.

Tickets for the memorial at the Kimmel Center are free. For more information, visit: