PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One of the city’s most iconic athletes, Allen Iverson, will be featured in the upcoming documentary, “Iverson,” which chronicles the life of one of the NBA’s best players.

The movie will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday, April 27th. The documentary will tell the story of Iverson’s high school years, his professional career and more.

It seems fitting for Iverson’s story to be told in this form. He was undoubtedly one of professional sports’ most enigmatic individuals, often misunderstood but revered at the same time.

“Iverson,” features an interview with Iverson’s former coach while in Philadelphia, Larry Brown. The two often shared a very rocky and public relationship , but have come to gain a level of love and respect for one another.

Iverson himself also speaks in the movie which is directed by Zatella Beatty. This is Beatty’s first time directing. See the trailer for the film below.


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