By Glen Macnow

Score: 5.25
Price: The Double Industry Burger is $10.
Location: 1401 Moyamensing, Ave.

There are things to like here: A tremendous craft beer list, an intriguing menu (we didn’t have the nerve to order the crispy pig’s ear appetizer) and a burger that sounds promising: Two quarter-pound patties of ground brisket, tangy Cabot cheddar cheese, a seeded brioche roll and Neuske slab bacon.

We’ll start with the good. The apple wood-smoked bacon, from Wisconsin, was the best we’ve had in this contest. Crisp and smoky and succulent. Makes us wish we had ordered a BLT. We also enjoyed the razor-thin purple onion slices. A nice variation. The rest? No so good.

The two small patties were overcooked to that fast-food level where they’d lost their taste. And the pickle-laden mayonnaise that was slathered all over the spongy Metropolitan roll. There was no scraping that mayo off, as it quickly soaked into the bread. And we couldn’t taste much beyond that white menace, which one of our tasters speculated had gone bad. It hadn’t, but it killed the whole experience.

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