By Todd Quinones

UPPER DARBY, Pa., (CBS) — Upper Darby Police tell CBS 3 store owners have a right to defend themselves, but in this case the store owner went too far.

The store owner can be seen on surveillance video jabbing a taser at the 14-year-old. The teenager in blue puts his hands in the air, but Upper Darby Police contend that didn’t stop 42-year-old You Yang from tasing the 14-year-old in the arm.

“The store owner went where he should have never went. He had the taser. This kid was doing nothing. And he gets, he gets zapped,” Superintendent Michael Chitwood of Upper Darby Police said.

Hezakye York and Nasir Edwards were the teens inside the store.

York showed us right where the tips of the taser touched his arm.

“The tip of that thing was hot. So it was like, I felt heat, so just like my whole arm was like heated. I didn’t feel nothing really shock me,” York said.

“The owner of the store basically automatically assumed that Hezakye was stealing and just took it to a place that it didn’t need to be,” Edwards said.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says the 14-year-old was inside this Dollar World store on West Chester Pike with his 15-year-old friend.

No one from the store would comment, but there may be history here with a problem with shoplifters.

On the front door there are series of surveillance pictures with a sign that reads “You’ve been caught and reported to the police.”

But Chitwood says the two teens Tuesday night weren’t stealing anything. He says York had a box of condoms, but put it back on the shelf.

York’s parents were stunned when they saw the video.

“Tears came to my eyes. I seen my son, you know, with his hands up. I seen some man with aggression coming towards my child. And my child backing up,” mother Viola Bell said.

The store owner is now facing assault and other related charges.