By Glen Macnow

Score: 6.2
Price: $13
Location: Harry The K’s Restaurant, Citizen’s Bank Park.

The Phils’ bullpen may prove to be a season killer, but at least you can continue to eat well at the ballyard. Highlights include Federal Doughnuts (and chicken), McNally’s Schmitter and a diverse (and reasonably cheap) selection of craft beers.

And now this: Chef Thomas Medrow’s creation of a brunch burger, titled the Over Easy Burger, which is an oversized Angus beef patty topped with pepper jelly, oven-dried tomatoes and a fried egg. It’s all stuffed into a brioche roll the size of a catcher’s mitt. The combo of flavors, weird as it sounds, melds comfortably. You enjoy some sweet from the jelly, tangy from the tomatoes, runny warmth from the egg and, well, beefiness from the beef. Just make sure to grab an entire sleeve of napkins, because the thing is likely to run down your arm.

Listen, mass-produced ballpark food, at its best, can’t compete against a fine restaurant. Hence the so-so score here. But for a stadium burger, it’s outstanding. And while the price might seem hefty, one Over Easy early in the game will carry you through extra innings – which is more than I can vouch for that bullpen.

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