By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A young Maryland man was sentenced Thursday for his role in the federal terror case involving a local woman known as Jihad Jane.

It was an emotional morning in court as Judge Petrese Tucker considered the sentence for 20-year-old Mohammad Khalid for his role in a terror-related murder plot planned, but never carried out, by Colleen LaRose — alias Jihad Jane. Khalid was just a teenager when he was arrested three years ago.

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Defense attorney Jeff Lindy argued passionately that the government could have easily stopped Khalid’s involvement during any of the eight visits the FBI made to his home:

“The mom gave them lunch, she thought they were there to help. They didn’t tell her. They didn’t tell the family and they ought to be ashamed of it.”

Khalid shook and his voice cracked as he made a plea for leniency.

Even the government agreed he’s been very helpful since his arrest three years ago, but still asked for a sentence that would serve as a deterrent to others.

Judge Tucker decided on five years, with credit for time served.