By Katie Fehlinger

By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Think about it. When we see dramatic temperature swings, it usually comes with a price, namely a storm system. Case in point: last weekend spiked into the low 80’s. That surge of warmth came in advance of a potent storm system that brought soaking rain, severe weather, and even snow Tuesday (not to mention plummeting temperatures behind the system).

While we won’t enjoy warmth as significant as last weekend, the Delaware Valley is on pace to gradually warm up over time, leading to a pretty nice Easter weekend! For that, we can thank a generally quiet pattern.

Thursday is tranquil, but chilly with bright sunshine and temperatures roughly 10 degrees below average in the mid 50’s. Even despite a little more cloud cover Thursday night (which would limit the drop in temps), Freeze Watches will once again go into effect in some suburbs as high pressure migrates to our northeast.

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High pressure’s departure makes way for a weak front to move in and trigger more cloud formation Friday. The shore points could even see a little rain or drizzle with the wind flow predominantly onshore.

Now to the good stuff! We’ve got the makings of another nice weekend. Expect sunshine both Saturday and Easter Sunday, and temperatures that easily climb to the seasonable mid 60’s.

The only possible hiccup is a nearby disturbance Saturday. It’s a slim chance, but we *could* see a little wet weather through our southernmost counties. We’ll keep you posted there.