By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Talk about a shock to the system!

Our potent Spring storm has thankfully retreated out to sea, and now we’re back in a chill more typical of late February. Despite bright sunshine Wednesday, daytime highs climb to the low 50’s at best with colder wind chills as a persistent northwesterly breeze hangs on.

That same clear sky actually works against us Wednesday night. Without the natural insulation of any cloud cover, overnight lows bottom out easily to near or below freezing, prompting Freeze Watches to take effect later Wednesday night for most of us. So same rules apply! Cover your sensitive Spring flowers or bring them inside.

High pressure is now in control, however. So, the weather stays pretty quiet the rest of this work week and temperatures will have a chance to slowly rebound over time.

Easter weekend looks generally tranquil as well! There’s still a chance for a shower Saturday, however Easter Sunday should be pleasant with more sun. We’ll warm up to the more seasonable low-mid 60’s both weekend days.

In the meantime, have your winter coat ready!