By Glen Macnow

Score: 7.75
Price: The traditional Black Angus burger with cheese is a bargain at $7.99
Location: 304 York Road, Jenkintown

The last time we were here was May 2010, watching the Flyers lose Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semis to the Bruins and figuring that series was over. We were wrong then – and we were wrong to wait so long to get back to The Drake.

What a revelation. Their basic burger (nicely priced at $7.99) is a tender, tasty grind of Black Angus, so charred on the outside that we briefly feared our request for medium-rare had been ignored. But one bite showed that the chef knew how to get things exactly right. This was a simple, but excellent piece of meat, and top-flight preparation made it one we’ll dream about for days. Put it on a springy Le Bus roll, give me some pickles and cole slaw on the side, and I’m in ecstasy.

I’m judging just basic burgers here, but I snuck a bite of my friend’s “Captain Morgan” burger, which comes with Portobello mushrooms, Swiss cheese and booze drizzle. That, too, was outstanding. I don’t know where Drake’s will wind up when this contest is over, but right now, it’s the top one I’ve had outside of Philadelphia city limits. We’ll call it best of the Burbs.

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