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By Glen Macnow

Score: 7.8
Price: Butcher Burger is $10.95
Location: 15th and Walnut

We hit Stephen Starr’s swanky Center City steakhouse for lunch and chomped down on the hefty Butcher Burger with English cheddar and fried onions at the very reasonable price of $10.95. The highlight? Maybe the cheddar, which was perfectly melted around the circumference of the burger. There’s a good bun-to-beef ratio as well. If that sounds trivial, I’ll just tell you I’ve had more than a few burgers during this hunt where the meat has shrunk to become a tiny island on a vast bun.

Anyway, Butcher and Singer serves a juicy burger – good, clear meat juices in every bite. You can tell that whatever world-class chef is cooking this, he knows enough not to press down with the spatula and squish out all the good stuff.

The Butcher Burger falls a few steps short of greatness. Maybe the bun wasn’t tasty enough, maybe the beef lacked a little depth. But at $10.95, it’s a damn good deal.

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