By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Wednesday on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall questioned President Obama’s motivation for offering executive orders to correct the wage gender gap.

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Responding to the President’s statement Tuesday that anyone who works hard should be able to succeed and that women and minorities should be paid equally, Stigall wondered why this has yet to be accomplished this far into the President’s second term.

“That’s an ambitious agenda he’s set forward. I hope he gets that accomplished, because the guy that’s had the job for the last five years sure hasn’t. That guy — he’s really got a vision,” Stigall said.

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He suggested that the administration is doing everything it can to rally constituencies in the face of waning support before November’s elections.

“When you’ve got nothing else left, you try to appeal to people who somehow feel screwed and feel like somebody owes them something, and the system is rigged against them. This is all he has left. Does it inspire anybody? If you’re out there and you’re really generally feeling like you’re getting the screws turned to you at work, and you’re not making enough and you can’t get ahead…This guy’s been President for five years and you sit at home and you watch him and you think what? Maybe this time he’ll pull through for me?” Stigall said.

Stigall believes focusing on class and economic differences is not only what the President must key in on, but Democrats in general.
“Democrats’ thing now is to try to appeal to broke people, because there are so many broke people in this country, and not appeal to them by saying, ‘I want to create opportunity for you,’ but appeal to them by saying ‘We’ll take care of you. We’re going to go out there and get justice for you. We’re going to shake down the haves and really soak it to those top earners, those ne’er do wells, those S-O-B’s that you work for’…They figure there are enough people down on their luck in this country, they will mobilize and rally in the streets and vote in mass for a group of people that have told them ‘You’re getting screwed, and we’ll fix it if you just empower us to do so. We’re not going to better your situation, but we’ll feel better and make you feel better by turning the screws to people that have a couple of bucks,’” Stigall argued.

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