PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles had Pro Bowl weapons at quarterback, running back and wide receiver in 2013. Nick Foles set records behind center, LeSean McCoy had one of the organization’s best seasons out of the backfield, and DeSean Jackson had his best NFL season.

As has been well publicized, they will have to find a replacement for Jackson. The team cut the wide receiver after a 1300 yard, 81 catch season, leaving many wondering if the offense would be able to match its 2013 production in 2014.

Most Eagles players have stayed quiet publicly, and those who have spoken have been noticeably behind the team’s decision. LeSean McCoy is not an exception.

“I heard the rumors, but I was surprised for sure,” McCoy told Fox Sports. “I mean, he’s probably one of our biggest playmakers that we had. He can make plays at any given time. He can control the game. He’s probably the biggest deep threat in the NFL. To lose a guy like that is definitely tough. He’ll definitely be missed. Obviously every move is made for a reason.

“The guys upstairs made the decision for a reason. When you do things like that, you have backup plans in your mind. You don’t let one of the top wide receivers go and then not have anything to back it up. I’m sure coach (Chip) Kelly and (general manager) Howie (Roseman), they’ll be able to take care of it.”