By Walt Hunter

WESTAMPTON Twp., N.J., (CBS) — Westampton New Jersey Police Officer Max Scherzer and Burlington County Station 27 EMT Julian Vallery teamed up to help a mom give birth to a baby girl Saturday evening.

The pair responded to a “911” call from Olga Patterson, explaining her daughter, now was going into labor inside their home.

“She wasn’t waiting not one bit, not one bit,” the mother said.

The officer and EMT raced to the scene, while “911” dispatchers provided information over the phone.

Moments later,with the two first responders assisting, little Issa Patterson, five pounds, 11 ounces, came into the world.

The officer, EMT and mom say they were all relieved to hear the baby’s first cry, indicating she was just fine.

‘It was the most amazing thing and it was very relieving when Julian did clear the airway and we heard that sound, it was like, finally take a deep breath. We did it right,” Officer Scherzer said.

“We all had a moment where it was like, all right, the baby is out, everything is fine, the baby is crying, everything is good now,” Vallery said.

Moments later, wrapped tightly to keep her warm, she was on her way to the hospital.

For the veteran officer and EMT helping deliver a baby was a “first”.

They returned to Virtua Memorial Hospital Monday afternoon to visit with Issa, her mom and grandmom.

“She’s still wiggling just like she was, you are a little mover aren’t you,” Vallery said.

The baby, who according to her mother came along 21 days earlier, was healthy and happy.

Mrs. Patterson called the emergency workers, “my heroes.”

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