By John Ostapkovich

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) —  Former Philadelphia Eagles’ linebacker and broadcaster Garry Cobb is trying out for a new position:  as a US congressman from New Jersey.

Cobb threw his helmet in the ring for the First District seat that had been Rob Andrews’ since 1990.   It’s a heavily Democratic district, and Cobb is running as a caring Republican.

“One of the big problem with the GOP, I think, is they haven’t proven and let people know we care about people,” Cobb told KYW Newsradio this morning.   “Well, I’m in the GOP and I care about people.”

Cobb knows he has a certain kind of name recognition and says he’s ready to bring his political credentials to the inner city.

“Camden is a big part of it.  We’ve got to turn things around there because it’ll help this whole area. We have to create an environment for small businesses, these businesses right around here, so that they can hire more people,” he says.

The Democratic candidate for the district may turn out to be state senator Donald Norcross, and Cobb is already talking debates.