By Cherri Gregg


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There is strong reaction from Eagles fans today as the team makes a major shakeup to its roster.

Eagles management announced today that they have released wide receiver DeSean Jackson (see related story).

Some fans were shocked that the 27-year-old Pro Bowler and superstar wide receiver is no longer part of their team.

“That’s the worst mistake they ever made,” said one man we spoke with.  “He was one of their better players!”

“How do you just let him go?  There’s no way in the world.   This is crazy!” sputtered another.

But for years it’s been hard to reconcile Jackson’s on-the-field performance with his off-the-field lifestyle.

This past season was one of Jackson’s best: 82 catches, more than 1,300 yards, and nine touchdowns.

But, published reports say, he missed team meetings, had a bad attitude, and didn’t get along with head coach Chip Kelly.  In addition, some say Jackson was associated with gang members — an allegeation that Jackson vehemently denies (see DeSean Jackson statement).

Still, some fans say was another T.O. waiting to happen.

He thought he was bigger than the Philadelphia Eagles, and they showed him he’s not,” said one.

“He asked for money every year — he’s a cancer,” said another.

 “I’m glad he got released — he’s a bum,” said a third.

But one Dallas Cowboys fan chimed in, “We’ll take him!”

Parting advice from one fan: “Wherever you go, keep your mouth shut — play football.”

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