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By Pat Ciarrocchi

ROME (CBS) — The planning for next year’s World Meeting of Families continues at the Vatican.

Archbishop Charles Chaput celebrated a private mass for the delegation Tuesday in a small grotto chapel inside Saint Peter’s Basilica.

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The Philadelphia papal delegation did not have a Pope sighting today.

They did have lunch at his residence, but apparently he dined elsewhere. Wednesday will be a different story, with the private audience, and their opportunity to make a pitch to have him visit Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell was ringing at the Pontifical Council for Families.

A gift from Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter and an enticement to hear it ring symbolically for the world’s families in 2015.

“My dream is that in that week, the bell will ring for a new spring of the family of the worlds,” Archbishop Vincent Paglia, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family said.

Outside of a papal mass, which is Philadelphia’s hope, Archbishop Charles Chaput called the world meeting an opportunity to help families live their faith, but also to heal the church in Philadelphia.

“The church in Philadelphia is also very much a community in need of renewal, in the wake of the sexual abuse crisis of this past decade. We have a duty to help abuse victims and their families to heal,” Archbishop Chaput said.

The need for interfaith, civic and business leadership has brought ARAMARK’s CEO Joseph Neubauer here. His Jewish parents, Holocaust survivors, have made him sensitive to the importance of leadership.

“It’s amazing to me that a leader, in an institution as large as the church, can change it as much as he has done in the last 12 months,” Neubauer said.

The delegation’s hope is that the Holy Father will decide to come to Philadelphia in September of 2015, but we may not know a decision on that for months.






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