By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Saturday is a big one at the African American Museum of Philadelphia. They’re closing out one of their most popular exhibits and getting prepared for the new one.

The Unflinching Eye: Works of the Tiberino Family Circle closes today with a bang.

“The Tiberino’s are actually going to be here on site,” says Patricia Wilson Aden, President and CEO of the African American Museum of Philadelphia. She says the exhibit, which opened in December and explores the work of Ellen Tiberino, her husband, children and close friends. The group lived and created in Powelton Village, creating colorful innovative work that varies in style and expression.

“What’s interesting is there are all common themes,” says Aden. “They all deal with the human condition, they all deal with the impact of illness and death on a family.”

Once the exhibit closes out, the museum will open a photographic exhibit, as well as sculptural exhibit in April that focuses on the connection between African Americans and the earth.

“It talks about the history of African Americans and the land from slavery through sharecropping to today’s urban farming,” says Aden.

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