By Todd Quinones

BARRINGTON, N.J., (CBS) — Kids carrying a new purple toilet in all its glory — and leaving it out on your front lawn.

Not exactly a coveted addition to your landscaping, but then again the cancer fundraising prank isn’t supposed to be.

“There were some points where we were like a toilet really, but we figured it would be fun and a lot of people would enjoy it,” fundraiser Katelyn Hanson said.

Katelyn Hanson is nothing if not motivated.

In December, her 58-year-old aunt Mary Deeney Coyle of Bellmawr died of lung cancer.

So the 17-year-old, with help from her friends and mom, turned to a toilet of all things to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

“It was off of the Relay for Life funding webpage. They have different ideas for fundraisers,” mom Barbara Hanson said.

The idea is people donate $20 to have one of seven toilets left in a friend’s front yard in order to “flush cancer.”

A note is then left on the door.

“It also explains it’s all in good fun and if they are offended in any way we will come pick it up,” Barbara Hanson said.

So the Hansons were disheartened when someone stole one of the toilets from a lawn in Audubon.

It’s not the crime of the century and the Hansons know that. That’s why they didn’t bother reporting it to the Audubon Police Department. All kidding aside they want their toilet back. They believe whoever stole it essentially stole from a cancer patient, something only the lowest of the low would do.

So far in just two weeks the group claims it has raised about $300 from the flush cancer idea.

And the more toilets they have, the more money they can raise for someone who is in the fight of their life.

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