By Steve Patterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The mystery of Malaysian Flight MH370 has created endless spin cycle of speculation, with dozens of theories tossed out daily.

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“Every theory about this airplane is crazy,” said aviation researcher Ric Gillespie. “It’s all bizarre.”

Aviation researcher Ric Gillespie is the executive director of TIGHAR, an international historical aviation excavation non-profit that has centered its work for a better explanation of what happened to Amelia Earhart.

His theory: Every theory is valid, including the possibility that the plane (and its 239 passengers) is safely stored on land.

“I think we could be looking at grand theft airplane here,” he said.

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The biggest turn of the investigation shows satellite pinging from the plane, hours after losing contact with radar, likely in a southern arc toward the Indian Ocean.

The prevailing theory is that’s where it went down, but Gillespie believes cutting contact means whoever had control also had a destination in mind.

“There’s a plan here. You need about 4,000 feet of runway, and a big hanger, taxi in, close the doors and the airplane is gone,” he said. “All I’m doing is looking at the known actions and trying to make sense of them. I can’t make sense of a crash in the Indian Ocean.”

With the right intent, Gillespie believes anything is possible and nothing should be ruled out.

“My point is, don’t close your eyes to other alternatives,” he said.

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