By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —  Someone in politics is going to have to help me figure this one out.  How on Earth does Tom Corbett not inject himself in this unseemly cover-up of Democrat scandal in Pennsylvania?  As of this writing (3/20) – not a peep from his office.  He is running for re-election, correct?

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I must tell you, I think Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is an empty vessel.  For all the guff Sarah Palin receives for being inarticulate, or ineffectual – I ask you.  Have you heard a Kathleen Kane press conference? The woman offers nothing of substance.  She dismisses an explosive investigation and evidence linking Philadelphia Democrats to high crimes of political bribery as “racist” and “flawed.”

And she’d getting away with this nonsense.

I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  It’s clear who Kane is.  It’s clear what she sees as her objective.  It’s clear the woman is a puppet of the Democrat party.  Since the day she moved into the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, it seems her sole focus is to undercut, besmirch, and discredit Governor Tom Corbett.

In less than a year, Kane has suggested Corbett mishandled the Penn State, Jerry Sandusky investigation when he was Attorney General.  She has suggested the natural gas industry is somehow receiving illegal, favorable treatment under Corbett.  She’s suggested his privatizing the state lottery is illegal.  She’s refused to defend the Commonwealth’s gay marriage ban.

In other words, in less than a year – this Democrat hatchet woman has done exactly what she was sent to Harrisburg to do for her party.  She was sent to take out one of the few northeastern Republican governors left.  Tom Corbett’s political operation either doesn’t understand this, or their boss doesn’t care to listen.

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By now you’ve heard or read about the over 400 hours of recorded evidence linking Philadelphia area Democrats in Harrisburg to alleged bribery charges. It involves at least four city Democrats taking cash, money orders and even jewelry. Multiple payments of $500 and up to $2,000 payments in exchange for votes and contracts.

State Rep. Vanessa Brown refused to even offer a comment on the allegations. Direct money given to her for voting against a bill for requiring voter ID at the polls. She voted in lock-step with every Democrat in the House. Apparently an allegation not worth her time to set straight.

Kane has squashed it all.   Never mind the former lead prosecutors on this bribery case under Corbett now work for Democrat DA Seth Williams of Philadelphia  – who, by the way, flatly denies his colleagues are racists or partisans.  Nevermind Kane herself is directly linked to some of the dirty Democrats in this story.

Governor Corbett, where in the hell are you?  How do you not demand justice here?  After all the slings and arrows you’ve endured in less than a year of Kathleen Kane’s assaults on your integrity as her predecessor and as Governor of Pennsylvania – why do you remain silent?

Silence means one of two things.  It’s either some kind of guilt by association with something improper, or Corbett just doesn’t want a second term bad enough.  I’m left with only those two conclusions.

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Again, someone in politics is going to have to help me figure this one out.