By Diana Rocco

EWING Twp., N.J., (CBS) — For the first time Monday night we’re hearing the dramatic calls for help after the deadly explosion in Ewing Township, Mercer County.

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Just before 1 p.m. last Tuesday, Ewing Township’s emergency lines were flooded with frantic calls just released by Ewing Township Police.

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(911 Operator:) “911 where’s your emergency?”

(Caller:) “A house just blew up or something just blew up. I’m in front of South Fork on Scenic Drive and a house just literally blew up.”

(Caller:) “There’s a big fire and the house is gone. I don’t know if there are people inside or what.”

A gas explosion demolished a total of eight town homes, debris scattering the neighborhood. More than 50 other homes were damaged, windows blown out, flames and black smoke could be seen for miles as firefighters rushed to the scene.

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(911 Operator:) “Is it a house?”

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(Caller:) “It’s an apartment complex. There’s… there’s lots of damage and lots of fire.”

(911 Operator:) “Alright, I’m going to get them on the way.”

(Caller:) “Please I don’t even know if there’s people inside.”

Contractors working on the block hit a gas line. The fire and force of the explosion leveled the home of 62-year-old Linda Cerritelli, killing her, her body later found among the rubble. Seven PSE&G workers were also injured.

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(Caller:) “There was a big explosion and there’s heavy smoke and open flames about… the other side of my street.”

While a week has passed, homes remain boarded and scattered in trees and across the neighborhood. Dozens are still trying to pick up the pieces.

In nearly a week’s time debris still scatters this area and it really doesn’t appear that much has changed. While many are trying to put their lives back together, some anticipate it could take years to rebuild.

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