By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police say a male student at the Masterman High School in Spring Garden is expected to be criminally charged for allegedly posting a threat to a school administrator online.

“The young man took it upon himself to post an unflattering picture of an administrator and under that photo, he actually put a bounty indicating that for a thousand dollars he would see this person harmed,” explained Chief Inspector Carl Holmes, who heads security for the Philadelphia School District.

Sources tell CBS 3 the alleged threat read, “Thousand Dolla’ Bounty, there’s money on her head #bleedblue”.

“We currently are pursuing a warrant against that student,” the Chief Inspector stated.

Sources tell CBS 3 the student had previously been charged with trying to bring marijuana into the school and allegedly posted the threat after learning the discipline he would receive.

“It was a vague threat,” Chief Inspector Holmes stated. “But it was disturbing enough, and on social media, we take that very seriously.”

Chief Inspector Holmes says the district responded immediately after learning about the alleged threat, performing a “threat assessment,” and determining, beyond the posting, there was no evidence the student planned any violence.

“We do not tolerate any types of threats against our students, staff or properties here in the Philadelphia School District,” the Chief Inspector said.

Holmes says in addition to criminal charges, the district also plans to offer the student “intervention” services, which could include substance abuse and mental health counseling.