By Jim Melwert and Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dozens of shots rang out on the street in an exchange of gunfire in North Philadelphia, and police were right there as it happened.

The highway patrol officers were in the area of 13th and Cambria because of recent gun violence. As they were driving north on 13th, they saw muzzle flashes and heard gun shots, investigators say they later recovered over 20 spent shell casings.

Commissioner Charles Ramsey says fortunately so far no reports of any injuries, “But it also shows just how ignorant a lot of these people are out here that they just fire indiscriminately down the street. They don’t care what they hit and we’re just very lucky that no innocent person was shot.”

Chief Inspector Scott Small says, “There were six parked vehicles that were struck by gunfire, one of them hit nine times.”

Police chased down one of the suspected shooters at 12th and Cambria, a 19-year-old. The hunt continues for the other shooter. Police are now interviewing witnesses.