6:44 Chris talks to Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick about the Senate’s rejection of Debo Adegbile nomination to the Justice Department.

7:10 Chris talks to Tucker Carlson from CPAC about the state of the Republican party and the 2014 midterm elections.

7:20 Mayor Michael Nutter will deliver his budget address today.

7:23 Congressman Elijah Cummings exploded at Darrell Issa after he shut down a hearing with Lois Lerner.

7:42 Chris talks to Texas Governor Rick Perry about recruiting businesses to his state and his plans for the future.

7:54 A judge in New Jersey has denied a request from a High School Senior for her parents to pay her child support and her tuition.

8:11 Chris talks to Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma from CPAC.

8:32 Chris talks to former Ambassador John Bolton about Russia’s incursion into Ukraine from CPAC.