By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked to Chris Stone from the Faith Driven Consumer about the premiere of the film, “Son of God.”

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“From a consumer stand point, it provides most of what the faith driven consumer audience is looking for. It’s relatively true to the Bible, [and] the narrative most of us hold dear. Overall, we think that the producers did a really good job bringing forth something that’s in our wheelhouse,” Stone said while giving the film 4 and a half stars out of five.

He stated the movie had a very successful debut weekend.

“We’re encouraged that people have voted with their feet and their wallets by going to see the movie. It came in at about $26 million over the weekend, putting it second to Liam Neeson’s “Non-Stop” at $30 million. Given a much more narrower market for “Son of God” to the more mass market of Neeson’s movie, I think that shows that faith driven consumers supported the behavior that they were seeking, which is a movie that resonates with them.”

Stone conveyed his optimism regarding the increasing amount of films being released that appeal to people of faith.

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“We’re very pleased with Hollywood reaching out to the faith driven consumer market segment this year. They’ve dubbed it the year of the Bible movie. There are a number of films slated for this year that, beginning with “Son of God” and “Noah” at the end of the month, and subsequent to that there’s going to be a string of movies coming forth. I think that Hollywood is beginning to reach out to faith driven consumers and attempting to make a relationship.”

He also stated it’s up to people that feel the same way he does to reward film studios who cater to this audience to buy tickets and provide feedback.

“We understand they are in the business of generating a profit, and profit, by definition is the reward someone receives for giving others what they need and they want. It’s part of the economic model that America is built on and we’re doing our part,” he concluded.

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