By Cleve Bryan

ATLANTIC CITY (CBS) — The streak of dodging significant snow came to an end for the shore on Monday.

From Atlantic City on south this storm featured whipping winds and many towns wound up with half a foot of snow.

Meredith Borrell of Cape May says, “I’m over the snow. It’s really tough in a small town where you walk to the grocery store.”

Historic Cape May certainly had plenty of beauty, but few to behold it.


Norman Dellas of Dellas 5 & 10 Store says, “Most people are closed today on the mall, but we’re open. Made a bunch of sweatshirt sales, hats, gloves, some people came in and wanted to warm up with some coffee, something to eat.”

Norman Dellas says the family business has seen its share of snow since opening a hundred years ago and if this is the last storm of the season that would be good news for business.

“January was a little slow, but February it’s been warming up, we had a couple great weekends recently.”

One place where the snow is still welcome is West Cape May, where sledding along the ramp to the Cape May canal can only be described as, “Fun and scary at the same time.”

The steep slope looked like it should have a double black diamond warning, but families not bothered by a few wipe outs got at least one more chance this winter to create snowy memories.

Jennifer Hirsh of West Cape May says, “I love it, I love snow days, I love being off, I love hanging out with the kids and I love sledding!”