By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — To buy or not to buy?  If you plan on doing some spring shopping, you want be sure to get the best deals.  3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan tells us about some of the best things to buy in March and what you may want to put off purchasing.

After analyzing past retail sales trends, Mark LoCastro at say March is a good time to buy chocolate, especially in Valentine themed packaging.  According to LoCastro,  “These holiday-specific themed items go on sale anywhere between 50 and 75% off, the chocolate is still good but it might be in a red shaped heart.”

You may find some hot deals in the frozen food aisle too.  Be on the lookout for special coupons as part of national Frozen Food Month.  LoCastro says, “stock up on your frozen food now,  whether it be meats or vegetables these things last for months.”

Thinking of getting a new cell phone?  LoCastro says, “A lot of manufacturers released new phones, 2014 models, at the Mobile World Congress last month in February and this means the previous generation phones, the 2013 models, have fire sales prices.  50 percent off, 75%, sometimes even free with a 2-year contract.”

Do you subscribe to Amazon Prime?  DealNews says there’s speculation the price may rise for the delivery service.  So they suggest you lock in at the current rate.  LoCastro says, “If you’re within a month or two months of your annual service expiring, make sure you renew that now so that you can lock in the $79 a year rate.”

You’d think that after Valentine’s Day we would see huge discounts on lingerie, but DealNews says that’s not the case.   Their retail price researchers suggest holding off on buying “underthings” until June and July.  That’s when Victoria’s Secret has its semi-annual sale which prompts other retailers to do markdowns too.

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