By Tim Jimenez

ATLANTIC CITY (CBS) — Jackpots at some Atlantic City slot machines could soon be getting a big boost. New Jersey gaming officials approved a plan to participate in a slot system called “Powerbucks.”

It would include multiple states and even bigger jackpots.

“Would be very similar to a Powerball or a Mega Millions type system,” says Tim Shortall, Regional VP of International Game Technology, the company behind “Powerbucks.”

Now, progressive slots have been a fixture in Atlantic City for decades, linking machines in various casinos to create a big jackpot. But with a number of states involved, that pot at the end of the rainbow looks to get bigger.

“It really makes the game, or the experience for the player, much more fun and they really have an opportunity to win a life changing jackpot.”

He wouldn’t put a dollar amount on the jackpots they’re expecting just yet. Before this gets off the ground, possibly within a few months, they’re waiting for more states to join. So far, South Dakota is in and several states have expressed interest.

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