By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — So far, the Philadelphia region has seen 14 snow falls this season. As a result, many counties and municipalities are having a tough time keeping rock salt and other snow removal products stockpiled. But many local hardware stores are facing the same problem.

Jonathan Maldonado, with 10th Street Hardware in Philadelphia, says his store has some shovels and ice scrapers in stock, but it sold out of rock salt and other ice repellents last Thursday. Maldonado says that’s a first for the store.

“We have always had a good stock of ice melters in the store,” he says.

Jessie Swint, with Lee’s Hardware, says he’s hard pressed to remember the last time his store had to continually order so many winter products.

“Heaters, salt, shovels, de-icers for the windows,” Swint says. “We’ve been getting it in, but we’ve been selling it pretty fast. Everything is pretty low right now.”

Swint says as we get ready for yet another snow storm, he’s once again seeing people in a frenzy to get those much needed supplies.