PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some of the more memorable quotes from 94WIP’s 7th annual Great Birds Debate.

Josh Innes

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“I thought this was a debate, but I’ve seen a ton of ass kissing. You know there’s a lot of ass kissing when Barkann has the strongest opinion.”

“That 90 seconds is the most I’ve heard you [Rob Ellis] speak since you joined Gargano!”

Question: Best QB in the NFC East?

“I would take Tony Romo over anyone in the division.”


“I think it’s possible for this team to draft well and be better, but based on the schedule, actually have a worse record. You win the NFC by playing defense.”

Ike Reese


“Listen I bleed green, but I just can’t believe the love fest that is happening on the stage right now. Angelo, you are the biggest phony!”


“I want to see more key additions made to the defensive side of the football….there has to be a balance when you build your team.”

Dave Spadaro


“I don’t care about winning the debate, I care about winning the Super Bowl!”


“This is the first love fest of the Philadelphia Eagles. One note to Josh [Innes], yes Nick Foles is the best QB in the division!”

Rob Ellis


“Want to try that [One For the Thumb t-shirt] on Ange?”

“You’re going to hear Angelo up here, stumping, cow-tailing, kissing ass, like he usually does.”

“It will get down and dirty and you know who will be standing here at the end.”


“As far as the bitch comment goes, it takes one to know one.”

“I love the dysfunctional [WIP] family, so that’s a lot of fun.”

“One, you got a coach that’s the real deal. Two, I think you got a QB that’s the real deal.”

“One for the thumb baby!”

Angelo Cataldi


“There is no debate over the fact that Don Smolenski and Howie Roseman are far better people than the obsessive Joe Banner…Joe Banner is gone, Donovan McNabb is gone, Andy Reid is gone! Say hallelujah!


“I want to thank Spike Eskin. If he didn’t save my life with the Heimlich maneuver last month, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Most of these people are employed because of me. I’ve been here 24 and a half years. I’ve been portrayed as a lap dog, but what I continue to be for this city is honest. I give you my honest opinion. When Chip Kelly got here, long before I did a radio program with him, I said he is going to take us to where we need to be.”

Howard Eskin

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“Beasley Reece has a Twitter feed? I never even saw it? Has Michael Barkan been on yet? I was kind of sleeping.”

“You [Cataldi] are a lap dog to Chip Kelly!”


“We learned that Josh Innes has a man crush on Tony Romo. We also learned that it’s clear Rob Ellis is a non-factor again! Anybody can have a t-shirt made up. What did we learn? Angelo LOVES Chip Kelly! We also learned that my son needs to be disowned because Angelo wouldn’t be here if Spike Eskin didn’t save his life!”

Rhea Hughes


“Ike won the first one, then Angelo, then Rob Ellis won the next four. You know and it’s always true what they say, you can never win a debate at home with your wife. That’s much like what we here at the WIP family feel, we can never win a debate with our bitch either!”


“Clark thanks you [Angelo] for my employment!”

Anthony Gargano


“Give me the date the Eagles will win the Super Bowl…and its coming in two years!”


“We want to matter. We want this team to be good. We want this team to be a source of a pride, because we’re football fans. We love this sport and it needs to matter. Last year, we found out that Chip Kelly was as real as the 700 level once was. We found out that the GM [Howie Roseman] aced the last two drafts and that he’s free from the burden of Joe Banner.”

Beasley Reece


“If the Eagles go to the playoffs with 19 of their 22 starters they will win the Super Bowl…THIS YEAR!”


“You draft, you build, in order to build a strong defense. Seattle taught us that. Let’s build a defense! Somebody say amen!”

Michael Barkann


“There is nothing to debate except one thing—except for the future of the quarterback position. I don’t know if Nick Foles is Chip Kelly’s guy.”


“I want to be as optimistic as anyone about this team. If you look at their schedule in addition and their division opponents, the schedule is getting a lot tougher and everyone is gunning for Chip.”

*Question: On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you the Eagles will win a playoff game next season?

Every panelist said at least eight or higher, except Ike Reese and Josh Innes. Reese said six and a half, while Innes said five. Beasley Reece said 10 and Howard Eskin said 20.

Other questions discussed:

Do you confidently believe that Nick Foles is the franchise QB that will lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl

For the next two seasons, rank the quarterback’s in the NFC East.

Would you bring Mike Vick back?

Can Howie Roseman emerge as one of the elite NFL GM’s?

Should the Eagles spend big money to add a big time free agent?

Name one regular contributor who you absolutely do not want to see back next season.

VOTE and LISTEN to the debate here.

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