ODESSA, Del. (CBS) – Police in Delaware have arrested a man after they say he attempted to hire a hitman to harm two attorneys.

Detectives began investigating 28-year-old David T. Yarborough, of Bear, on Wednesday, Feb. 19th after receiving information that the suspect wanted to hurt certain people.

A detective posing as a hit-man called Yarborough in order to get more information. While speaking to the suspect, he confirmed he wanted a person killed but later changed his mind and claimed he wanted that person “seriously injured to the point they would never walk again.”

Yarborough then agreed to pay the supposed hit-man for his services and they arranged to meet. He told the detective that one of his intended victims was an attorney who had recently represented him on criminal charges. Yarborough also told the officer that he’d been watching the victim’s movements and knew when he left the house in the morning and returned home each night.

On Feb. 20th at 3:20 p.m., Yarborough met with the undercover detective in the parking lot of a Wawa located on Middletown Odessa Road, where money was exchanged and information on the target was shared. Yarborough also gave the detective another attorney’s address and information that he wanted that person harmed as well.

After Yarborough showed the detective where the victims lived, he was brought back to the Wawa, where he was arrested without incident.

Yarborough is now facing charges of two counts of Attempted Assault 1st, two counts of Criminal Solicitation 2nd, and two counts of Stalking.