By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With temperatures rising into the mid 50’s, Saturday seemed more like a spring day than one of those snow-filled, blustery cold winter days that many in the Delaware Valley have become accustomed to dealing with.

No snow, no ice, no problem. That was the sentiment from a lot of the vendors at Rittenhouse Square. They say after weeks of not being able to participate in the weekend Farmers’ Market due to the weather, the warmer temperatures were needed and welcome.

“It’s been awesome to see this weather honestly, we’ve already had a lot of customers, a lot of business,” said one vendor. “All the other vendors are having a great time as well.”

“We’re able to sit out here longer without freezing for sure,” said another. “We’re taking advantage of the nice weather. A lot more people are likely to be out walking around.”

Braxton was taking advantage of the milder temperatures by walking his Great Dane, Aniko. He said for most of the winter their walks have not been more than a few minutes.

“To the end of the stairs, out the door and then she would turn right around and head back inside,” he said. “So now we are actually able to make it to the park.”

Linda was out jogging and said the nice weather was just what she needed to come out of hibernation and burn off a few calories.

“Normally I would be bundled up right now on my couch with a cup of coffee.”

Others spent part of the day outside reading a book or selling art with friends.

But don’t be fooled. Old Man Winter isn’t gone just yet. The snow and the cold are expected to return next week.