By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — In the aftermath of the major pileup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike last Friday (See Previous Story), the Turnpike Commission is promising a thorough follow-up investigation to find out what it could have done to prevent the accidents.

Turnpike Commission CEO Mark Compton says he is aware of the impact the accidents and delays caused for so many people last week. Her says for that reason, an after incident review will be conducted, which should take a few weeks to complete. Compton says a lot of factors will be examined.

“Things like sun glare, some of those being road spray, some of those being speeds of travelers, that’s part of the after action review process, to make sure all those factors are considered to see what we can do and do differently, but there is a lot of shading on that part of the roadway, which even after salted, does inhibit the sun from reaching that part and really, for the salt to get activated,” Compton said.

Compton says he wants the report done by the time a hearing is scheduled by State Senator John Rafferty. Rafferty heads the Senate Transportation Committee and is calling for the hearing to find out what went wrong for the Turnpike Commission and PennDOT’s role in the pileup.

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