PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Terrell Owens is back in town, and he’s reminiscing.

Owens is in Philadelphia for the first annual Philly Sports Roast, Thursday night at the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia. He took some time to stop by and visit one of his old rivals, Angelo Cataldi on Thursday morning.

“I understand the fans, they love you when you’re here and if you’re not on their team—if you’re not a Philadelphia Eagle or any franchise here in Philly, then you’re not going to be liked and so I got that,” Owens said on the mixed reactions he’s received over the years. “It [the recent fast food commercial he appeared in] was a little poke and a little fun at Philly in that aspect of it, again, I had so much fun here and again, a lot of people ask me what is the best team that I’ve played on and what is the best time that I’ve had. And considerably the short time that I had here, the stint that I had here and in my career, this is probably the best fun and the best time that I’ve had in my career.”

While Owens was playing, he was one of the most popular players in Philadelphia. His local career ended in flames, during a contract dispute with the Eagles.

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“When we were going through that stuff here in Philly, I was in training camp, Andy [Reid] and I butted heads and he sent me home,” he said. “I came back out this way and I went to my house in Morristown and I really didn’t expect , you know, the media hoopla that was surrounding this whole situation. I was in the house and the next thing I knew I heard helicopters circling my house. Then, I saw media trucks outside my house and I’m like, ‘yo what is going on?’ It was like I committed a murder or something!”

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After taking some calls from WIP callers, T.O. did a lightning round question segment:

Andy Reid – “Great coach, best coach I’ve ever had.”

Dallas Cowboys – “Uhh, man, Dallas Cowboys. They was just, ugh….my quarterback.”

Hall of Fame – “It’s brought up a lot of time. If I make it I make it, if I don’t, I don’t.”

2005 Super Bowl – “Wow, it’s a memory that I wish—I wish I can go back and tell Andy Reid to through me the ball one more time.”

Joe Banner – “I think he misunderstood me, I really did, and I never really got a chance to really know Joe [Banner]. I think, obviously, my reputation proceeded myself and so I think a lot of things that happened during that time, during the short time I was here, it was held against me.”

Donovan McNabb – “Great personality…personality.”

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