CHESTER, Pa., (CBS) — A man tragically ends up in the path of a school bus and loses his life.

Eyewitnesses watched the accident unfold.

It happened at Sandelands and Houston Streets in Chester, Delaware County.

“He wasn’t in the middle of the street, he was along the side where you would walk in a snowy condition along the snow,” an eyewitness said.

Eyewitnesses, still shaken, asked that we do not identify them, but recalled what they saw after a man was struck and killed by a school bus.

“There was a stop sign there so she couldn’t have been going too fast, he had to have slipped underneath,” an eyewitness said.

“I think he slipped on the ice or the snow and it just happened to be at the wrong time,” another eyewitness said.

According to Chester Mayor John Linder, the bus at the time was transporting Chester High School students.

No one on the bus was physically hurt, but understandably traumatized.

“Please again, extend our condolences to all the families and the people involved in it,” Mayor John Linder said.

“Please know that every child that was involved, our counselors and psychologists will be available to support our children,” Chester Upland Schools Superintendent Greg Shannon said.

What went wrong remains under investigation, officials say.

Meanwhile some who live in the neighborhood believe what happened was a terrible accident, but wonder if this tragedy could have been prevented had the streets been better plowed and salted.

“They’ve done a little better this year than all the years that I’ve been here but I still don’t think it was up to par,” an eyewitness said.

Mayor Linder responded, “We are pulling our resources, work together to clean these streets up and do the best job we can, again we are saddened this one had to end this way.”

Officials are not yet releasing the victim’s name, but say he is in his 40′s.

As for the school bus driver, CBS 3 is told she has been with the Chester Upload School District for years and has driven the same route for years without a problem.

The incident remains under investigation.