By Dom Giordano

Philadelphia (CBS) – Dom Giordano spoke with Jack Lavery, a West Chester University freshman involved in a controversy with the school after he participated in a halftime contest at a basketball game, on Tuesday on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

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In order to win $10,000, Lavery had to make four shots in 25 seconds, the final one from half court. Lavery missed the half court shot on his first try, but made a second shot before the clock expired. Afterwards, West Chester officials determined he did not win the money.

“When we were celebrating on the court, after they took our picture and interviewed us, a school representative came out and said ‘We’re not sure you actually won the money because he took two shots from half court,’ and said they would submit everything to the insurance company for review…and if the insurance company didn’t pay, the school would step up with some sort of scholarship,” Lavery’s father, Bill, explained.

The school has not yet offered any prize to Lavery yet.

“They’re acting like I cheated,” he commented on the school’s decision.

“No one really verbally told me the rules; they said, ‘Sign the contract,’” Lavery said. “There’s two minutes to go, and I have a chance to win ten grand.”

Lavery seemed resigned to the fact he won’t be receiving that $10,000 prize, but does hope the school will reconsider its decision.

“I was just hoping for a scholarship or something, but I’m not too sure what they’ll follow through with,” he said.

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