By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Enough already with the snow! And also the salt. With this whopper of a winter everybody’s been using a lot of salt and other ice melters, which can be a lifesaver in keeping roads, parking lots and sidewalks safe.

But more than enough salt is not better and it does more harm than good: damaging driveways and concrete, burning trees and shrubs from salt spray, soaking into the soil where it can hurt plants for years to come, and flowing into lakes and streams.

You can’t use salt instead of shoveling or plowing, and if you need traction where ice is too thick or temperatures are too low for salt to work, use gravel or kitty litter – don’t use salt for traction.

So, if it does get snowy or icy again, use ice melters carefully. Like my grandmother used to tell me when I asked how much salt to put in the sauce, Mom-Mom would say, “Well, you need enough. But not too much.”

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