By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Let’s start with the good news: Mostly dry today.

Now the rest of the forecast – highs remain below freezing and a flurry might zip past from time to time. The low pressure system that boosted this winter even higher into the record books on Saturday – we’re now tied for the third snowiest with 55+ inches – has taken its ugly bag of tricks farther to the northeast.

High pressure gets a quick turn, and then we get another turnaround.

While the weather starts quietly on Monday, it ends up getting messy by late Monday night and early Tuesday. A long awaited warm front comes through and brings precipitation. We’re fairly familiar with precipitation by now (to say the least), but this warm front system might be a messier version of winter weather. With cold ground temperatures to start Tuesday, any rain might freeze on contact or mix with snow before Tuesday afternoon’s 40 degrees. At this point, amounts should be unimpressive, on the order of an inch or two. Computer models will get a better handle on this as we get closer to early Tuesday morning, so we’ll keep an eye on it and keep you posted.

Bottom line, even though temperatures will be around 50 later in the week, don’t put away the ice melt or the shovel just yet.

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