By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–This is typically the busiest day at the Philly Auto Show, which wraps up tomorrow at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. So, what’s hot when it comes to technology in all those new rides on the show floor?

With backup cameras getting more common, the next frontier looks to be a cure for blind spots.

“The brand new model Hondas have a camera on the right side of the car, so you can see if there’s a blindside area.”

Usually activated when you flip on the turn signal, says Auto Show dealer chairman Donald Franks.”That displays on a seven-inch screen, right in the center console.”

Mercedes S-Class gets kitted out with what they call ‘Magic Body Control,’ the car’s, not yours.

The Benz camera scans the road, adjusting suspension to counteract potholes or other uneven surfaces.

Its Night View Assist Plus uses infrared to illuminate people, animals, and the road, sort of night vision goggles for a driver, but with a heads-up display.