By Kate Bilo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–The much-advertised lull is now in place as the region starts to recover from the major nor’easter that dumped well over a foot of snow on many areas. Exton, in Chester County, picked up 15″ of snow, and snow continues to fall in the Pocono region even as precipitation calms down for most of us.

But it’s not over yet. Another thump of snow will rumble through this evening and tonight as the back edge of the storm moves through, and these bands will intensify as another coastal low deepens offshore. These convective bands are notoriously tricky to forecast because it really depends where the bands set up. However, the European model, which has been pretty much aces on this storm from the get-go, continues to advertise a heavy back-edge snowfall on the order of 6″+ in spots.

This has happened before. If a band sets up and doesn’t move for an hour or two, dropping snow at the rate of 2-3″ inches per hour, it can pile up very quickly. But if the back edge rotates through quickly, totals won’t be as impressive. I’m inclined to think that a portion of the area ends up with another 3-6″ of snow. It is snowing heavily again in Raleigh, North Carolina, with bands of convective precipitation, lightning and thunder and that’s the area we’ll watch as we go through tonight.

The snow will finally end into the early morning hours, but be prepared to get out early and re-shovel if you need to get to work or school tomorrow morning!

Your Valentine’s Day forecast is generally dry, with clouds and a high of 40, but then we are tracking YET ANOTHER SYSTEM that will arrive Friday night into Saturday. This is a clipper system but it will be strengthened by another piece of energy digging in from the west and could intensify briefly before pulling out. As of right now, we are thinking another 1-3″ are possible with this storm into Saturday afternoon, but as more guidance comes out in this season of over performing storms, we wouldn’t be shocked to nudge that closer to a 2-4″.

Stay tuned!

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