By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A relentless series of winter storms has disrupted events that were planned months — even years — ago. Things like weddings, conferences and conventions.

Last week’s ice storm paralyzed the Delaware Valley and led to widespread cancellations. But Center City-based event planner Kate Stockton says it also impacted gatherings that were held in warmer locales.

“You can have your event anywhere, but if your people, your attendees, your guests are unable to get out of their towns to get to the location, it doesn’t matter.”

Now, another big storm is barreling up the coast.

Cashman and Associates Lauren Werkiser says they’ve been working feverishly on contingency plans.

“We actually have a couple of trips to Atlantic City planned for a client of ours, and we put together an invitation letting them know due to the weather forecast, we want to put the snow date on your calendar.”

They’ve also put some smaller scheduled events on the back burner until the weather breaks.