By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s a mess. All around the Delaware Valley, we’re looking at toppled trees, broken branches and smashed shrubs. If you have some in your yard first, be careful, never go near a tree or branch that’s tangled in or anywhere near wires. But really, even for experienced gardeners this is the time to call in a tree expert.

It’s not only difficult and delicate work, especially in winter, but besides obvious damage to trees there’s often much more danger you can’t see; branches and trunks weakened by all the snow and ice that cracked but didn’t fall…yet. And as you start sawing or working on trees, the vibrations can shake heavy branches down on you – or topple a tree completely.

So, as much as you want your yard tidy again, for any clean up beyond gathering small branches, clipping broken shrubs or pruning tiny trees you can reach standing on the ground – call in an arborist to do the rest and to assess the overall health of what’s left.

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