By Steve Beck

WEST GOSHEN TOWNSHIP (CBS) — Good idea: Using a generator to power a traffic signal in a town left powerless by the ice storm. Bad idea: Trying to steal that generator and attempting to cover up the crime.

West Goshen Township police say that’s exactly what James Hutchinson did.

According to investigators, a West Goshen Township police officer spotted a pick-up truck with its door open parked next to a traffic signal late Thursday night.

As the officer was bringing his cruiser to stop, police say Hutchinson ran up to the officer and told him that another individual just stole the generator and fled in a SUV.

The officer began to pull away, but then realized something was not right about the story and stopped the blue Ford operated by Hutchinson. Police say Hutchinson then admitted that he stole the generator and he was taken in to custody.

Hutchinson is facing charges of theft and receiving stolen property.

The generator was recovered and the traffic signal is functioning properly.