By Mark Abrams

EXTON, Pa. (CBS) — Residents of a Chester County neighborhood banded together this morning to deal with the trees that had fallen around them, restricting access to properties and cutting off utilities.

This morning, following the ice storm, longtime residents of Westfield Drive came out at daybreak to inspect the damage.  Trees were blocking streets and driveways, and a chainsaw was needed.

But Carl Somerson says his neighbor, Dale Wilkinson, couldn’t get get into his backyard shed, where he stored his chainsaw.

“It was blocked by another branch,” Somerson says.  “So we had to clear the branch to get into there to get the chainsaw, so we could move the tree.  Meanwhile, this  (other tree) was blocking the road.”

Wilkinson skillfully cut up several heavy branches blocking the street, then tied a harness and a rope to the cable TV line, hoist it up into a tree to get it out of the street as well.

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