By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The state senate has okayed the governor’s two nominations to the School Reform Commission.

The state senate approved the nominations of City Councilman Bill Green to be SRC chair, and Farah Jimenez to be an SRC member. There was no senate hearing on the nominations, and Democratic Philadelphia senator Vincent Hughes objected to the lack of debate.

“This is a public body that we represent, and we have a responsibility to this body to have conversation about these individuals,” Hughes said.

But Senate Majority Leader, Republican Dominic Pileggi, said 13 SRC nominations have come before the senate, and only four have had hearings.

“There has not been a uniform policy where all nominees have received a hearing. Some have, some have not,” Pileggi said.

The vote was 44-2, with Hughes and Chester County Democrat Andy Dinniman voting no.