PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Happy birthday, Facebook.

The social media giant is celebrating ten years of friend requests from total strangers, mundane status updates and the ever-infuriating “poke.” But despite that, Facebook remains the dominant social media platform, at least according to research from the Pew Center.

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In “6 New Facts About Facebook,” the Center reveals that 57% of adults and 73% of those between 12 and 17 are on Facebook.

A whopping 64% of users visit the site daily, and 47% claim they usually appreciate photo and video updates from friends.

Still, the news isn’t all great for Mark Zuckerberg’s tech baby.

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Thirty-six-percent of people say they’re aggravated by oversharing “friends,” and the same percentage also report being annoyed by photos of them posted on the site by other users without their consent. When parents were polled, that percentage was even higher, with 57% of Facebook users upset when others put up photos of their kids without permission.

Furthermore, Facebook’s alleged role in bullying seems to be reflected in the Pew Center’s survey results. Younger users were more likely to report being asked to “unfriend” someone in their network by another user, and 19% of those between the ages of 18-29 have had someone ask them to remove a connection from their friend circle.

But perhaps the biggest testament to Facebook is that everyone knows its name: 52% of those who don’t use Facebook say they’re familiar with the site because someone they live with uses it, and 24% of non-users who live with someone who has a Facebook account say they still go on the website to look at photos or posts using that person’s account.

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