By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) – Governor Corbett will go before a joint session of the state legislature today to roll out his last budget proposal before facing voters in his bid for re-election this fall.

As to the importance of Corbett’s budget proposal, one need only consider that his poll numbers remain abysmal, with just 23 percent of voters in a Franklin and Marshall College poll released last week saying he deserves re-election.

The governor says he will propose more money for schools, “We do have a school package that we’re putting together and we’re going to recommend, and it’s money that we’re looking to get to the classrooms of Pennsylvania, all across all 500 school districts.”

Corbett is also expected to propose more money for services for the intellectually disabled, and Pennsylvania’s parks and forests in his budget address today.

Romeo: “Do you look at this as an opportunity to try to change some minds?”

Corbett: “Well, I think it’s an opportunity to hopefully inform people what we have done – what we faced when walking in the door in 2011 – what we’ve accomplished over the last three years, what we’re going to do this year, and the much brighter future ahead for Pennsylvania that I believe we have.”

Corbett’s re-election campaign obviously believes today’s opportunity is vital. It has hired a former presidential speechwriter to punch up the governor’s budget address.