By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The storm made it difficult for anyone trying to walk or drive to work on Monday, but it was even tougher for those trying to plow the snow.

“The snow is very old. I’m getting tired of it,” one person said.

Along with almost everyone else in our area.

But there are some who profit off the snow. Winter has been profitable for those who plow parking lots, but clearing the snow on Monday was difficult, even for the pros.

“Other than the money, you can have the snow,” a plow driver said. “The snow is really heavy, it’s slippery.”

Many people found themselves slipping and sliding on the roads. And then there were those who were flat-out stuck.

“It was pretty hard getting in the entrance of the driveway,” a shopper at the Willow Grove Mall told Eyewitness News.

Many shops in our area stayed closed.

Kamlesh Patel is a manager at 7-Eleven.  The store was open, but empty.

“Usually it’s good. So many customers come inside and buy some stuff like coffee, chips, soda and everything, but right now, no customers,” Patel said.

We did find one woman braving the weather for a beverage.

“The kids needed iced tea but I’m on my way home,” she said.

Some people could not be stopped by the weather, like one man on a bicycle.

Crews were unstoppable too, as they were busy trying to clear the roads.

Those using shovels — even snow blowers — couldn’t keep up with the snow fall.

“The snow is very wet,” one man trying to clean up with a snow blower said. “So it makes it real heavy and it doesn’t want to work with anything.”

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