By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — I’ve started my countdown to my big trip to Israel on March 6th. I’ve already met some great people in preparation for the trip. I’ve sat with a woman who fled from the Gulag of the former Soviet Union and has put him in with the head of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, and he will among my first guests and he will detail what it was like to spend two years in a gulag. I’ll also interview a former Dior model who threw that career overboard to join the Israeli military.

While I’m in Jerusalem, I will go to the Green Line that separates Israel from the Palestinians. I’ve asked why it’s called the Green Line. The reason I’ve been told is that the Israelis have been able to get the desert to blossom while the other side of the line is a dull brown. You’ll hear a full report from this border.

Of course, I’ll bring you all the geopolitics but I hope to bring you the everyday Israeli and the fun of touring of the country. I’ve broadcast from Italy, Gitmo, Juarez, etc. but this will be the biggest yet. Please let me have your suggestions and be there listening on March 7th and then March 10th through March 14th.