By Tim Jimenez

BLACKWOOD, N.J., (CBS) — Cooper University Hospital sponsored a training session for more than 20 South Jersey first responders. The focus was on a different and quicker way of getting to victims of mass shootings and explosions.

Christopher Taylor is Cooper’s EMS Outreach Coordinator.  He helped lead the program at Camden County College’s Emergency Services Training Center in Blackwood.  Their message and hands on examples for the “Tactical Emergency Casualty Care” course was to sharpen the focus on responding to mass casualty events.

“To move into those areas when they’re clear but not secure. So they can start providing care for victims,” Taylor said.

Taylor says instead of waiting for police to officially secure a scene, it’s a coordinated effort between law enforcement and EMS, as played out during one of the simulations.

“An active shooter in an office building where the first responders will be moving through the building with law enforcement officers in a tactical fashion,” Taylor said.

Another exercise simulated an IED event, similar to the Boston Marathon bombing.

TJ, a first responder with Kennedy Health, was trying to stop the bleeding from a simulated chest wound during one of the exercises and he says he feels more ready now to deal with the worst.

“Anything can happen. So, it’s better to be prepared,” TJ said.